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It is just me, or is the human race procreating faster and more often than before? Everywhere you go you’ll see expectant mothers, newborns and toddlers. Although much time is spent worrying about birth defects, college funds, nursery themes and baby creams it would be nice to still feel like we look good even when we feel nauseated, bloated, and can’t quite figure out what exactly has inhabited our bodies and made it change faster than a newborn going through diapers.

With our hormones going through the roof it might seem easier to sit on the bed and cry than to get dressed. So even when your fat clothes are busting at the seams, how do you dress well to feel better when you are expecting?

Because not all of us can afford to buy a complete new wardrobe from A Pea in the Pod, the first thing you will want to do is get a little help from your friends that have already been through the joys of pregnancy. If they haven’t already burned their maternity clothes I guarantee they will be happy to pass them down to you. Another good option is shopping consignment or re-sale stores. Most of these stores now have maternity sections. The collections and styles offered in fashion today are so versatile that you should be able to get more mileage, at least three to four months, out of your normal clothes before you have to go the maternity route.

With this season’s tunics, smocked tops and longer cami’s, as well as elastic waistband peasant skirts and drawstring linen pants, it just may be the best time ever to be pregnant and in fashion. Even flats and Birkenstock style shoes have made a comeback. A cool and easy outfit for a mom-to-be would be a tank (buy one in the men’s department; they are longer but still have a slim fit) elastic peasant skirt & flip-flops. Add some wooden beads and gold chandelier earrings and you’ll feel comfortable and stylish. Just the cure for the pregnancy blues. Capitalize on accessorizing when you are pregnant–it’s a fun and inexpensive way to stay current and fresh. The accessories this season include wooden beads in all colors and textures and all kinds of shells and rock inspired jewelry. Think “Blue Lagoon” meets “Out of Africa” with a touch of Miami tourist.

Speaking of inexpensive, some of the best places to shop maternity . . . #1 all around is Target followed by Old Navy and Babystyle.com. With designers like Liz Lange (which when I was pregnant was very exclusive & expensive) starting lower-price-point private labels for department stores you can’t go wrong. If you want something a little higher-end try Pumpkin Maternity.

Don’t forget if you’re really down & don’t know what to do consult your local fashion stylist. Nine months can seem to last forever in pregnancy and looking good can go a long way toward feeling great.

Updated 05-31-2005

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