Woolaroc Keeps Traditions

SNOW COVERED: A buffalo at Woolaroc stands covered in snow from the recent blizzard, giving a glimpse in to the past on the property.

Courtesy Woolaroc

To Bob Fraser, one of the real challenges at Woolaroc is maintaining the great history and traditions of this national treasure and still provide the guests a fresh adventure. “It is a balancing act due to the fact that people love the rich tradition of Woolaroc that has been built over the last 86 years.

You can talk about rotating exhibits and moving things, but when members bring their guests here, they expect the shrunken heads to be here, the dancing Indians in this location, etc. However, we still work hard to stay on top of the latest technologies that are available to us, from computers to lighting in the Museum,” says Fraser.

But maintaining the rich history of Woolaroc hasn’t prevented Fraser, the staff and the Trustees of Woolaroc from adding new exhibits and features and according to Fraser, there is a lot more planned in the years ahead. Recent additions to Woolaroc have included:

New signage throughout the Woolaroc campus

New Children’s Playground

Narrative CD Tour

Restoration project to the historic Lodge

New Century of Oil exhibit in the Museum

New storyboards telling the story of aviation and The Woolaroc airplane

New Hiking Trails

New storage for art and textiles

Renovated Petting Barn

So what else could be in store in the years to come at Woolaroc? Fraser admits that there are a lot of possibilities that are in the concept stage right now and some that are actually in process but not yet ready for public release. He does say to keep your eye open at the Mountain Man Camp this year and between the Museum and the Lodge, as new additions will be going in both places.

Something else to expect in the future will be the availability of Woolaroc brand items, such as sauces, coffees, jellies, etc. These items, all part of the history of Woolaroc, will be available in the Museum Store and at the Woolaroc website at www.woolaroc.org.

All of these coming soon projects are consistent with Woolaroc’s goal of maintaining the history and yet still providing the guest a new experience when they arrive, one that is consistent with the overall Woolaroc experience and feel.

Updated 03-03-2011

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