Young Noah Davison Drawing Gymnastics Attention

By Mike Moguin
GTR Sports Writer

Courtesy photo
RISING TALENT: Noah Davison shows his skills during a recent gymnastics competition.

At just nine years of age, Tulsan Noah Davison is making noise in the world of gymnastics.
Davison was both a state and a regional champion at events on each level back in the spring.
And already he has his eyes on a long-term goal, and that is to compete at the college level and ultimately, the Olympics.
Davison is the grandson of Donnie Davison, a 1974 Booker T. Washington graduate who ran track. The younger Davison began participating in gymnastics at the age of 6. He attends Riverfield Country Day School and works out at Pride Gymnastic Academy.
As a result of sweeping the state and regional events, the young Davison was recently presented with the Bart Conner Spirit Award, presented by the Olympian of the same name.
“It is really amazing. It’s a really good achievement. I like to claim my achievements in life,” Davison said.
Davison won gold medals in the high bars and rings, was a silver medalist in the parallel bars and vault and a bronze medalist in the pommel horse competitions at the regional championships, which consisted of six events for the boys and for the girls on April 23 in Yukon. This made him the Region 3 Champion. Before winning regionals, Noah won gold medals at the state meet on March 13.
His performances have led him to receiving an invitation to participate in a camp that will be coordinated by Conner, where he will receive special training from professionals.
“Since he was the winner of the regional championships this year, which consists of six states, he gets to go to an elite team for USA Gymnastics Level 6,” said Mimi Davison, Noah’s mother. “The camp is hosted by all kinds of top caliber gymnastics coaches.
“Noah is at a point in his career where USAG is starting to look at him and the future because these kids coming up are the future of men’s gymnastics,” Mimi Davison said. “Getting to go to this elite training camp is the first of many opportunities Noah is looking forward to doing with this sport.”
When asked what he likes most about the sport, Noah Davison said, “It gives me the freedom to do back flips, run around and show off. I like everything.”
He spends 20 hours per week (four hours per day, five days per week) at Pride Gymnastics Academy in Tulsa. His coach is David Finning.
“He is excited about the new gym because it is bigger,” Mimi said.
“We’ll also be buying newer equipment,” Noah said.
Noah also loves being around the other young men on his team.
“Pretty much all of them,” he said. “My teammates are Levi, Ethan, Ezra, Maxton and Wyatt.”
Mimi Davison said her son is looking forward to the new season.
“He’ll be upping his skills this year, so he is working on some harder skills. That’s what they do in the summer, they learn harder skills. So he is excited for the 2021 season without all of the COVID restrictions. It was pretty tough this season to still have needs and still have all those restrictions in place. So this year, he gets to travel more and we’re hoping the restrictions will be a lot less. It’ll be nice.”
Noah also has faith that one day he’ll be talking to Simone Biles, who won five gold medals in gymnastics at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
“He said Biles is going to interview him one day,” his mother said.
At the pace he is going, it is likely to happen.