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Young Rembrandts is offering after school drawing classes at area elementary schools, complementing existing classes running at Primarily Kids in Owasso.

Rick Schmigle, owner of the Greater Tulsa Area’s Young Rembrandts says, “Children need to participate in programs which engage both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
The left hemisphere is responsible for analytical thought, while the right brain controls visual and perceptual tasks.”

Schmigle further notes that documented evidence shows a direct correlation between art and an increase in academic performance. The mission of Young Rembrandts is to encourage creativity, technique and the joy of the artistic process by offering a unique, step-by-step method that successfully teaches children how to draw.

All of the elements of the programs are beneficial to a child’s development. The curriculum is strategically designed to improve the way children experience the worlds. It builds confidence and self-esteem while developing problem-solving skills, setting and achieving goals and developing fine motor skills, patience, focus and attention to detail.

Since its inception in 1988, hundreds of thousands of children have experienced the Young Rembrandts classes and currently over 22,000 students are enrolled each month.

“Our step-by-step program makes it possible for any child to create superior drawings and have a great time mastering their skills. With Young Rembrandts, we approach drawing as a learnable skill, not a genetic talent. Everyone can master the skill, and as a result everyone can have fun,” Schmigle says.

Classes are held weekly during the school year for pre-school and elementary children. Class sizes are designed to maximize the learning environment for the various abilities and age groups participating in the program. Therefore, classes are limited to a first come basis. Families may choose from four different programs: a preschool curriculum (ages three-and-a-half to five) designed to develop motor skills, patience and focus; an elementary curriculum (ages six to 12) focusing on art history and drawing techniques; a cartoon curriculum (ages seven to 13) teaching fun cartooning techniques; and themed drawing camps (ages six to 13) which allow students to choose subjects they most enjoy.

For more information, call (918) 749-4278, or contact Primarily Kids, 12500 E. 86th St. N., at 274-0640.

Updated 10-26-2006

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