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New York, NY (PRWEB) February 8, 2010 – Zenbe, a cloud-hosted solutions provider, has created a service that lets any organization, regardless of technical ability, work better together. After a year of planning and progress, Zenbe is now providing a free version of its Shareflow service, featuring 1GB of free space.

“Shareflow has been growing steadily since its launch last year. ‘Simple’ and ‘organic’ are words our customers use to describe Shareflow. Its now helping 30,000 customers, and growing,” says Peter Stern, President, Zenbe.

Zenbe aimed to create a service that would be more effective than e-mail or instant messaging, letting people move important conversations out of their inbox or away from chat. With Shareflow, one service provides the benefits of IM, email, file sharing, and other services a team needs to work well together.

“We used e-mail, instant messaging, wikis and groupware every day. All of them were helpful, but the information was scattered. E-mails and chat messages got lost. Wikis got stale and unorganized. Groupware products were costly, full of features we didn’t use, and difficult to learn,” explains Stern.

“A lot of our users describe Shareflow as easy to use as a Facebook ™ wall, with the benefits of privacy, control, search, and organization,” explains Stern. “We saw how people were using social media, with its self-organizing structure and lightweight user experience, so much simpler than email, groupware, or project management solutions, and said, ‘hey, why can’t we work with something as fun and as simple as Facebook?’ “

Not only is Shareflow accessible to everyone, but it keeps messages and documents organized, allowing for easy conversation and feedback.

Unlike Google Wave, another communications framework set-up as an e-mail alternative, Shareflow works with e-mail. Each “flow” has its own e-mail address: users can interact with flows using email, directly on the web, or on the road via any mobile browser. Shareflow creates conversations that appear as simple Web pages. Users can target a specific audience with a flow, making organizing messages and communication incredibly simple. 

“While some of your colleagues are using Shareflow in real-time to capture conversations that would have been lost in instant messaging, and other colleagues are using their mobile phones, others can simply use email and still add value to the team. Keeping the conversation organized in one place, reduces everyone’s workload” adds Stern.

Shareflow makes it possible to have multiple lines of communication open, each flow allowing multiple recipients and each flow focusing on a different team, project or topic. Staying updated is never a problem thanks to the capability of subscribing to Shareflow updates in an RSS reader.

Shareflow offers several convenient features, including: simple topic management, file sharing, rich media handling, bookmarking capability, mobile access, and an API to connect it to CRM and other enterprise systems.

For more information about Shareflow and its many advantages, please visit the site or click here to sign up for the free version.

Updated 02-09-2010

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